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Benchmark Results: Productivity

Mobile Gaming: Can Core i7-2920XM Beat Desktop Core i7-980X?

The desktop Core i7-980X beats the mobile i7-2920XM by nearly 40% in Photoshop, while the -2920XM outpaces the -940XM by a similar amount. The desktop-processor’s extra cores play a big role here, but no reason could possibly be adequate for the i7-940XM’s big loss.

The 3ds Max benchmark being used here doesn’t appear to fully benefit from the Core i7-980X’s extra cores, but we're already using a newer version in our launch stories, and that one will appear more widely from now on.

WinRAR plays a little nicer with the Core i7-940XM, but the chart still places the i7-2920XM in the middle.

Is it time to recycle last-year’s high-end notebooks? The Core i7-2920XM quad-core continues its strong showing, placing marginally behind the six-core i7-980X.

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