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Benchmark Results: 3DMark Vantage

Mobile Gaming: Can Core i7-2920XM Beat Desktop Core i7-980X?

Because the i7-940XM notebook was returned before we could attempt to upgrade its graphics card, our 3D performance discussions will be limited to the Core i7-980X versus i7-2920XM. We included statistics from a similar-vintage Core i7-980X plus GeForce GTX 480M configuration to assist anyone who wants to try figuring out where the i7-940XM might place in today’s charts.

Differences that shrink as resolution is increased usually represent a CPU bottleneck. Let’s see how 3DMark rates each GPU on its own.

The Core i7-2920XM comes out ahead of the equally-configured Core i7-980X in 3DMark’s GPU score. But let’s see where its CPU places.

Unlike most games, 3DMark rewards additional CPU cores with higher performance numbers.

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