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Benchmark Results: SiSoftware Sandra

System Builder Marathon, March 2012: $2600 Performance PC

Most Tom’s Hardware System Builder Marathon benchmarks are CPU-bottlenecked, and the benefits of Intel’s six-core Sandy Bridge-E architecture are most easily quantified using SiSoftware's Sandra. 

Amazingly, a 50% increase in core count yields a 66%-higher Sandra Arithmetic score. Even if the average gain in real-world testing is only half as large, we’ll still have a real winner in the new build.

The $2600 build's Arithmetic performance advantage is repeated in Sandra's Multimedia metric.

Quad-channel memory delivers, not surprisingly, roughly twice the throughput of a dual-channel controller in our comparison of this quarter's build to what came before. The previous configuration had the advantage of lower latencies to keep it from falling a full 50% behind, while today's machine, overclocked, has the advantage of higher data rates to push its bandwidth more than 100% above its predecessor.

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