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Application Benchmarks: Productivity

System Builder Marathon: $1,250 Mid-Range PC

Here are the benchmarks that might best represent day-to-day PC activity for the average user. Everybody has a virus scanner (I hope), so let's see how the systems compare when scrutinizing the AVG scan times:

There you have it, an impressive real-world result from the new Core i7 920. Even the highly overclocked E8500 can't touch these numbers. And now, let's see if these results continue when compressing a 334 MB folder with WinRAR:

Another impressive win for the Core i7, which performs the same task in almost half the time. Finally, the other compression utility, WinZIP:

...and by looking at the numbers, it appears that WinZIP is not quad-core optimized like its WinRAR cousin. The E8500's superior clock speed gives it a small margin for the win in this bench.

Next up, of course, are my personal favorites, the always entertaining and informative game benchmarks.

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