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Corsair Flash Voyager 64 GB

Tom's Holiday Buyer's Guide 2008, Part 4
By , Ed Tittel, Thomas Soderstrom
By : Thomas Soderstrom

Corsair proves that good things really can come in small packages with its 64 GB Flash Voyager. Portability is mostly about size, but Alicia is just as impressed with the drive’s ergonomically-designed rubber casing that just might make the Flash Voyager series the most pocketable device of its kind. And just in case you forget it’s there, the water-resistant shell can potentially protect your data all the way through a laundry cycle, according to Corsair (Ed.—we inadvertently benchmarked this claim and the Voyager will indeed survive a trip through the washing machine). Should there be a problem with the drive, Corsair covers it with 10 years of warranty protection.

And how about that capacity ? We’ve been running around with 2, 4, and 8 GB USB thumb drives for a while now, hardly filling them up with our usual assortment of driver packages, updated BIOS files, and the odd benchmark or two. But at 64 GB, we have enough space to fit the entire Tom’s Hardware benchmark suite on the drive.

For anyone concerned about losing what’s in Alicia’s other hand, Corsair offers free replacement caps using a simple Web form. Extra durability, free cap replacement, and loads of space to keep photographic memories could make the Flash Voyager 64GB the perfect gift for the absent-minded geek on your list.

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