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Deepcool Ice Matrix 400

Roundup: Six Sub-$40 Performance CPU Coolers Compared

Deepcool’s product arrived with the most elaborate design we’ve seen, from the shape of the cooler’s fins to the multi-compartmented box in which it ships.

The Ice Matrix 400’s base and heat pipes appear to be plated in either tin or nickel, either of which would be adequate for preventing tarnish of the copper parts beneath. Deepcool refers to its ultra-flat base finish as “micro polished,” but it appears to have been finely sanded prior to plating.

The Ice Matrix 400 includes Deepcool’s signature low-noise rubberized fan in addition to thermal paste, extra fan clips for a second fan, mounting hardware, and power adapters. AMD-based platforms, LGA 1156, and LGA 775 motherboards get full support plates, while LGA 1366 users must make do with a set of large, plastic-faced support nuts.

Four standoffs secure the socket plate for both AMD and Intel installations, using plastic washers to protect the motherboard surface. The heat sink’s brackets are attached to its base using a single screw, while two spring-loaded screws on each bracket connect it to the standoffs.

Deepcool is one of only three brands in today’s roundup to support cross flow orientation for most AMD motherboards. While this is perfect for a majority performance configurations, the few platforms with sideways mounting brackets will be limited to an updraft configuration. Because Intel processor interfaces are square, the cooler can be installed either way on these boards.

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