DDR333 for P4: 16 Boards with Intel 845G - Part II

Liteon NA121: They Don't Come Cheaper Than This

The Liteon NA121 packaging.

A view of the Liteon NA121.

It is just the bare essentials with the Liteon NA121 - no wonder, considering the rock-bottom price.

Taiwanese manufacturer Liteon, well known for competitively priced CD/RW burners and DVD drives, is entering unfamiliar territory by equipping its NA121 motherboard with the Intel 845G chipset. Worthy of mention are the six PCI slots, three DIMM slots and a Realtek network chip. In keeping with Intel's guidelines, Liteon chooses to support DDR266 only, although the 845G chipset can support DDR333 memory.

Old hat: the Liteon NA121 BIOS.

Elsewhere, there is little that makes this board stand out from the crowd. The unstructured BIOS is rare among test candidates and gives the board a somewhat antiquated feel. The Liteon finished mid-field in the benchmark tests - a laudable achievement considering the board only supports DDR266. But when it comes to price, the NA121 is in a class of its own. At about $90, it is half the price of the Asus P4B533-V, which offers a similar range of features.

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