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Samsung PX2370

Three-Way 23" LED LCD Roundup: Dell, HP, And Samsung

Samsung’s PX2370 is the most expensive 23” in our roundup. At $299, this is the high end of what you'll pay for a 23" LCD. The only options you'll find that are more expensive are the 3D monitors from Acer and Asus. The PX2370 has a transparent display trim and a monitor stand that makes it physically similar to Samsung’s LED TVs. Otherwise, the PX2370 has the same piano-black finish we see on every other display, but it has a much thinner display profile.

Turning on the monitor is as dummy-proof as you can get. The power button is dead-center. Changing brightness, on the other hand, is less than intuitive. The buttons are placed on the back-side of the screen, along the right edge, which makes navigation feel slightly unnatural. When compared to Dell's design, the PX2370 takes a bit more time to get used to. But Samsung’s approach is part of what makes this a low-profile LCD monitor.

The PX2370 is the second monitor in our roundup to use an external AC adapter. In practice, this design is a double-edged sword. An external power brick allows for a thinner and lighter panel because those components aren't housed internally. But while the physical profile is reduced, the addition of a power brick introduces possible cable management issues.

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