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Building With The Cooler Master HAF X

Five Eight-Slot Cases For SLI And CrossFire, Tested

The HAF X has all of the drive space and extra cooling fans we’ve come to expect from Cooler Master’s military-themed HAF series, along with a side window to show off internal parts. More features photos begin on this page of our picture story.

The installation kit includes optional wheels to replace the standard feet, an eight-pin power extender to ease cable routing behind the motherboard tray, a card support bracket with room for another fan, screws, standoffs, a PC spaker, cable ties, and a USB 2.0 adapter, in addition to the previously-discussed USB 3.0 adapter.

Front-mount drive trays feature identical connector offset for both 2.5” and 3.5” drives to allow either size to connect to the backplane.

The included card brace only fits multiple graphics cards when using a motherboard with double-slot spacing. We decided to use a single card this time so that readers can compare today’s test results to the two eight-slot cases in Six Low-Noise, Performance-Oriented Cases, Tested.

Similarly, the graphics card air duct’s power cable notches are only designed to align with double-slot spacing. This duct is also capable of holding a 120 mm fan, if desired.

This is what a fully-assembled HAF X would look like with our components. Cables are hidden behind the motherboard tray and a cable-concealing box at the end of the power supply.

The card brace is an optional component, designed to work with an additional fan. It’s not compatible with the case’s side-panel air duct.

To achieve optimal performance without adding non-stock fans, we removed the card brace and kept the side-panel duct.

An LED-equipped fan grabs the attention of onlookers when it's enabled, and includes an off switch next to the power and reset buttons.

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