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Building With The SilverStone Raven RV03

Five Eight-Slot Cases For SLI And CrossFire, Tested

The Raven RV03 carries forward the bottom-to-top airflow design from SilverStone’s previous Fortress and Raven Cases, but takes a step back in the other direction by reverting to the traditional access side. This gets cards out of the way of extra-long drives, which was a problem for the eight-slot RV02 that was then fixed by blocking the eighth slot entirely on the RV02E.

The RV03’s installation kit includes shoulder bolts for use with grometted holes on drive trays, along with motherboard standoffs, course and fine case screws, cable ties, and a three-fan power adapter.

We had to remove more than two dozen screws to get to the point where we could show the 5.25” external to 3.5” internal adapter trays. Fortunately, most installations don’t require that much effort.

Builders looking for a more stealth installation need only look behind the motherboard tray to find four more 3.5” trays, plus a dual-drive 2.5” tray. We put our storage drives as close to the optical drive as possible to minimize cable creep.

Optical drives are secured with a flip-up latch similar in concept to Rosewill’s, but much sturdier. Screws can be added by those who don’t trust latches.

The power supply slides in from the left and is screwed down from the right. An easily-removable dust filter underneath makes this design ideal for power supplies that have an intake fan on the bottom, though unfiltered side panel vents allow other power supplies to be used as well.

All of our components fit very easily thanks to a design that is well-executed in every way, except for its front bay adapters. Getting a little more slack on our power cable did require the removal of the face panel. Fortunately, it's attached with fewer screws than those wily drive bays.

The RV03’s appearance is sure to win over many buyers, especially when we make it clear that this is the most rigid case in our round-up.

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