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Building With The Thermaltake Chaser MK-I

Five Eight-Slot Cases For SLI And CrossFire, Tested

It'd be hard to argue against the claim that black is the new beige when it comes to computer cases. With that said, the Chaser MK-I’s splash of color should be be enough to win over just about anyone who wants to change things up. Personally, I’ve always thought beige was a color best reserved for pants.

Thermaltake separates the Chaser MK-I’s screws and standoffs into four packs to make selection easier, and adds a 3.5” external bay adapter to the basic hardware and eight-pin power extender.

The Chaser MK-I's drive trays feature removable locator pins on silicon grommets for easy 3.5” hard drive installation. Smaller 2.5” drives are secured in the same connector position using screws. However, doing that means you have to remove and leave-out one of the locator pin sets. Just don’t lose it!

Optical drives are secured via pins on a springy plastic clip. A flip-latch holds the clip in the released position, and builders who want more security can insert drive screws through the other end.

The Chaser MK-I provides enough room in front of the motherboard for extra-long graphics cards, and enough room beneath it for extra-thick card coolers.

Soft lighting puts on a show in multiple ways, with a top-panel switch changing between constant colors, alternating colors, and no-LED modes.

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