Duron Successor: AMD Sempron

Sempron 3100+ Is A Familiar Face

Now these look familiar, too... That's because Sempron for Socket 754 is based on the Paris core, which again is nothing more than a Newcastle chip that does not know anything about 64 Bit computing.

AMD, however, has carefully prepared its weapon for a standoff against the Celeron. The Socket 754 platform won't stand a chance against Intel's dual channel FSB800 and FSB1066 clock speed monsters, so it's perfectly suitable as a value platform for future Sempron processors. This is why the Socket 754 Paris processor was born: It is an Athlon64 Newcastle without 64 Bit extensions, but with Cool & Quiet, NX bit, 256 kB L2 cache and 1.8 GHz clock speed. Users that have a system with a Sempron 3100+ will have the road paved for upgrades to Athlon64 3400+ and 3700+. Faster Athlon64 versions for Socket 754 are unlikely, but the Palermo core will continue the Sempron family at 90 Nm at the beginning of 2005.

The latest version of CPU-Z does not yet recognize the Sempron for Socket 754. As the CPUID is equivalent to the Athlon64's, CPU-Z tries to categorize the chip as Opteron 852.

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