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Zotac FUSION-ITX WiFi A-series

The Brazos Round-Up: Eight AMD E-350-Based Motherboards

Also known as model FUSION350-A-E, Zotac’s E-350 motherboard takes the opposite approach to added features compared to Sapphire. Bluetooth is not present, but a mini Wi-Fi card is included in a vertical mini PCIe slot. The firm also ditches the I/O panel VGA connector, instead adding a DVI-I-to-VGA adapter in its installation kit.

Exclusive to the FUSION350-A-E is a DisplayPort output, which is something we expected on more products, since AMD was one of the interface’s first major backers. HDMI is also available to assist HTPC builders.

Zotac doesn’t fool around with PCIe x16 slots limited to four-lane wiring, but instead smartly uses an open-ended four-lane slot. The open end allows a PCIe x16 graphics card to fit, and the four-lane transfers match those of its competitors.

A USB 3.0 internal header is found along the FUSION350-A-E’s top edge, making this one of only two boards in this comparison to support the newer interface on a case's front panel.

Four of the A50M chipset’s six SATA 6Gb/s ports are found internally, and one more is directed to eSATA. Since most ITX cases support only three drives, this design covers the drive needs of most builders.

It makes sense, then that Zotac also includes three SATA cables. That beats all but the hard-to-find ECS model. A VGA adapter and two Wi-Fi antennas round-out the FUSION350-A-E kit.


The FUSION350-A-E has a default 1.4% overclock over AMD’s reference frequencies, but does not allow manual overclocking. The AMD-recommended DDR3-1066 limit is also in place.

The only overclocking-oriented adjustment in FUSION350-A-E UEFI is over-voltage for memory.

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