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At The Desk: HDMI Output & Stand

Asus' Eee Slate EP121/B121: A Windows 7-Based Tablet PC

Primary Desktop: ExternalPrimary Desktop: External

Primary Desktop: ExternalPrimary Desktop: External

HDMI output on the Eee Slate is nearly perfect. There is one small quirk, though. If you set up an extended desktop, only the primary monitor displays the Windows 7 Input Panel. If you make the external monitor the primary desktop, the virtualized keyboard can’t be accessed until you select a window on the Eee Slate. But no matter what you do, the Input Panel always appears small and cannot be resized. As a result, you're pretty much forced to set the external monitor as a secondary desktop.

Since the taskbar/Start menu appears on the primary desktop, the Eee Slate’s 1280x800 resolution limits productivity if you’re trying to switch between multiple windows. Ideally, the external monitor should be the primary desktop, while the Input Panel appears on the tablet PC. Then you just need to attach a mouse.

Primary Desktop: Asus Eee SlatePrimary Desktop: Asus Eee Slate

Leather Case/Stand

Leather Case: UprightLeather Case: UprightLeather Case: Upright Side ViewLeather Case: Upright Side View

Asus includes a leather case for the EP121, but it also doubles as a stand. The case adds more bulk to the tablet PC's profile. However, it's an easy way to keep the keep the screen at eye-level when you use the included Bluetooth keyboard.

Leather Case: PortraitLeather Case: PortraitLeather Case: LandscapeLeather Case: Landscape

Leather Case: Portrait Side ViewLeather Case: Portrait Side ViewLeather Case: Landscape Side ViewLeather Case: Landscape Side View

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