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Building With The Antec Eleven Hundred

Five More Mainstream Gaming Cases, Rounded-Up

Antec’s Eleven Hundred stands out among large mid-towers most notably for its support of oversized motherboards up to 13” wide and 13.6” tall, thanks to a deep interior an a total of nine expansion slots. We don’t find an added row of standoffs in either of these directions, but it’s nice to know that EATX- and XL-ATX-based boards will at least fit.

A spacer atop the 3.5” hard drive cage holds 2.5” drives using a single screw and several built-in slides, which is adequate for the low weight and solid-state nature of SSDs.

Hard drive rails comprise the majority of the Eleven Hundred’s installation kit, though a few screws are included to secure the motherboard, additional fans, the power supply, and a couple of SSDs.

Pulling the tabs on 5.25” bay latches releases pins from the bay for quick installation and removal.

Though many users prefer to let their motherboards manage fan speeds, the Eleven Hundred’s fan power hub provides a simpler solution.

Antec cleaned up the cables a little by removing the old AC'97 audio connector from the front-panel headset lead. Double-row connectors power two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 jacks.

Our oversized ATX board fits easily within the Eleven Hundred’s cavernous interior, with enough space remaining to allow clean cable routing through all of its holes.

Our finished builds looks almost classy by game-themed case standards, and users who don’t like the flair of a lighted top fan can even disable that via a rear-panel switch.

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