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Bundled Software

Eurocom Panther 5D Notebook Review: Faster Than Your Desktop

The Panther 5D ships from Eurocom with very little bundled software, which we typically like. Almost everything that's installed supports the machine's hardware components. The AuthenTec TrueSuite handles fingerswipe logins and encryption. The BisonCam software is used by the Panther’s webcam. The Realtek and Sound Blaster software controls the Panther’s audio options. The Bigfoot Killer Network manager allows for in-depth management of the Atheros wireless card.

Even though the Panther 5D comes with ArcSoft's TotalMedia Extreme entertainment software, it was not preinstalled. Eurocom leaves it up to you whether you want add-ons or not. 

The Atheros Killer Network Manager allows network traffic to be prioritized for gaming or video streaming.

The Sound Blaster software gives you lots of control over the Panther 5D's audio options.

The THX TruStudio Pro software, which is part of Creative's suite, facilitates additional options for home theater-oriented audio processing.

Creative's Sound Blaster Console enables interesting options for altering how you sound over a microphone.

The system also includes Rapture3D software to help control game audio. Similar functionality can also be found in the Sound Blaster software.

Configuration of audio inputs and outputs is done in the Realtek HD Audio Manager.

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