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BD-R Single-Layer Write Performance

Three External USB And eSATA Blu-ray Burners Tested

We wanted to publish all of our data using a single interface, but LG’s reliance upon eSATA prevented it from being compared at the same port to Asus’ USB 3.0 drive. Plextor supports both, though USB 3.0 is more flexible on new systems.

A credit to both Asus’ drive and Sony’s media, Asus’ BW-12D1S-U pushed these so-called 6x discs to 12x. The 8.96x average pushes just over 40 MB/s.

LG maxes out at 10x using eSATA, though it keeps the average relatively high at 8.59x.

Plextor’s USB 3.0 interface matches Asus’ at 8.95x.

This is why LG needs eSATA. Its USB 2.0 controller is limited to around 27 MB/s

Plextor’s eSATA interface matches its USB 3.0 performance.

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