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Benchmark Results: Archiving

Fedora 16 And GNOME Shell: Tested And Reviewed

Like the file copy times, archiving is also timed using the operating system CLI. Both operating system use the latest stable 7-Zip libraries for the archiving tests. The test folder contains 15 files, totaling 334.6 MB. All archiving tests are run five times.

The archiving times are pretty close between the two Linux distros. Fedora and Ubuntu take nearly twice as long as Windows to compress our test files into the zip format, while Windows takes nearly twice as long as Linux to compress into the tar.gz format.

Archiving is another area where simply adding up the times is misleading. While Windows 7 incurs a massive loss in tar.gz compression, it's the ZIP format that most people come across at one point or another, and Windows-oriented users most likely never see a tar.gz file. So, in terms of real-world usage, this one goes to Windows.

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