Web Browser Grand Prix 7: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Opera 11.51

Benchmark Results: Java And Silverlight


GUIMark Java

Firefox comes in first place, just like it did in WBGP6. Chrome also retains second place. However, version 14 gives Google a significant boost of seven FPS. Safari and Opera switch places this time, although their scores are so close together they practically tie for third. IE9 continues to fall into last place with its steady score of 32.06 frames per second.


Encog Silverlight

The top two spots remain unchanged from WBGP6. Opera still gives us the best showing in the Encog Silverlight benchmark, followed closely by nemesis Google Chrome. Firefox 7 shows a significant performance drop from version 6, moving down to fourth place. As a result, IE9 moves up to third. Safari again clings to its last-place finish.