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890FX Deluxe4 BIOS, Overclocking And Accessories

USB 3.0 To The Front Panel: ASRock Leads The Way
890FX Deluxe4 Basic O/C Settings
BIOS Version1.10 (08-25-2010)
CPU Core0.60-2.00 Volts (12.5 mV), 150-500 MHz HT Clock (1 MHz)
CPU IMC0.60-1.55 Volts (12.5 mV), 5x-31x HT Clock (1x)
Memory1.25-2.065 V (10 mV), 2x-4x HT Clock (0.66x)
Memory TimingtCL 4-12, tRCD 5-12, tRP 5-12, tRAS 15-30 Cycles (1c)
Chipset1.11-1.795 V Northbridge (15 mV), 1.105-1.505 V HT (50 mV)

A fairly broad voltage range for most settings allows overclockers to seek the highest stable clock speed from their CPU and memory.

ASRock’s overclock settings include several factory-determined profiles, along with all of the most important frequency and voltage settings. A single scroll-down menu covers just about everything the moderately-experienced overclocker might need.

A little further down the same OC Tweaker menu are three registers that can store user-configured overclocking profiles.

An unusually detailed set of memory timings are found within the Memory Timing submenu. Individual settings can be left in auto-configuration mode, to ease manual configuration of other settings.

A ten-phase voltage regulator keeps the system stable under moderate to high overclock settings, and ASRock even makes its logo removable for the installation of an included 40 mm cooling fan. Actual stability will depend on CPU specifics: while we had no voltage stability issues with our Phenom II X4 965 set at 3.84 GHz, its stability evaporated as we pushed higher voltage in an effort to reach this processor’s normal 4.0 GHz air-cooled limit.

The 890FX Deluxe4 installation kit includes four SATA cables and a two-port USB 3.0 to 3.5” bay adapter.

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