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X58 Extreme6 BIOS, Overclocking And Accessories

USB 3.0 To The Front Panel: ASRock Leads The Way
X58 Extreme6 Basic O/C Settings
BIOS Version1.00 (08-31-2010)
CPU Core0.84-2.00 Volts (6.25 mV), 100-300 MHz BCLK (1 MHz)
CPU IMC1.12-1.56 Volts (20 mV), 6x-16x BCLK
Memory1.25-2.065 V (10 mV), 3x-8x BCLK (1x)
Memory TimingtCL 6-11, tRCD 3-15, tRP 3-15, tRAS 9-31 Cycles (1c)
Chipset1.11-1.50 Volts IOH (5 mV), 1.12-1.56 Volts ICH (20 mV)

The X58 Extreme6's voltage and frequency range looks great for overclocking, though these settings don’t paint the entire picture of its capabilities.

A full range of adjustments can be found in the OC Tweaker menu, including uncore frequency and voltage. But notice that we only had the processor set to 1.35 V and 3.80 GHz.

Users can save up to three custom BIOS configurations, and even alter a few advanced memory timings through the DRAM Timing submenu.

The reason we weren’t able to get our normal 4.00 GHz clock speed from our Core i7-920 CPU is that when we pressed for higher voltage levels to support higher clock speeds, the system would reset under full load. This is part of the over-current protection ASRock implemented in a previous revision. The well-protected voltage regulator has not been “beefed up,” and is therefore suitable only for light-duty overclocking.

It’s good to see that ASRock at least includes six SATA cables to address the X58 Extreme6’s twelve internal ports, along with the specialized bridge needed for 3-way SLI. The company even adds a slot-panel adapter for its USB 3.0 breakout adapter, so that it can be mounted either in a 3.5” external bay or any expansion slot. This adaptability was part of our original suggestion to ASRock, though it was present only in this one product.

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