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Building With The Rosewill Thor V2

Four 10-Slot Cases For Four-Way SLI, Tested And Reviewed

Rosewill bundles its screws and standoffs in a single bag, forcing builders to dump everything out to find the pieces they need.

Basic metal trays use rubber grommets and shoulder screws to dampen vibrations from 3.5” mechanical drives. Holes for 2.5” drives lack grommets, since most desktop builders reserve this form factor for SSDs.

The top-right edge of the face panel slides out to the right, revealing latching tabs for external bay covers. These covers are designed to slide out to the right as well, but we unscrewed the left-edge cover to show how these pieces fit together.

Note that the 3.5” adapter cover has specially-shaped tabs designed to provide clearance for the outer cover’s slides. Though a 5.25” drive still fits in the lowest bay (with the 3.5” adapter removed), the other bay covers do not.

The center sliding tab on each of the Thor V2’s drive latches pushes holding pins into a 5.25” drive’s mounting holes when depressed. Sliding the tab forward keeps it depressed.

The Thor V2 is extremely compact by Ultra ATX standards, with less than an inch between the top of the motherboard and top-panel fan. Top-panel radiator support is mostly dependent on the distance between motherboard devices (such as VRM sinks) from the top edge.

Without liquid cooling, our four-card SLI configuration fits perfectly within the Thor V2. White shows off the design features of this limited-production version, though the color change adds $20-40 compared to the black version.

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