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Power Consumption, Battery Life, And Efficiency

XoticPC’s G73JW: A Good Gaming Notebook Made Better?

XoticPC’s G73JW is barely heavier than Asus' original, since its added memory and SSD add only a few ounces. That means it's far ahead of the X8100 behemoth in terms of portability and, as a non-SLI design, also uses a smaller and lighter power adapter. Can it outperform the heavier models in power consumption as well?

While the GeForce GTX 460M appears to give the G73JW a small power consumption lead in 2D mode, overclocking the GPU pushes it past the GeForce GTX 480M in 3D mode!

The lightweight battery still performs well, giving the G73JW a similar run time as the Mobility Radeon HD 5870-equipped X8100. Charge time is longer with its smaller power adapter.

Overall, XoticPC’s G73JW falls around halfway between the performance levels of the two X8100 builds.

An overclocked GPU helps XoticPC in games, but hurts it in average power consumption. Comparing that data, the efficiency differences of just over 1% is still barely noticeable.

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