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Thermaltake Element G

Five Gaming Enclosures, Rounded Up

Average Online Price: $120

Another small, interesting case, the Thermaltake Element G features three, large, color-shifting fans for the best light show in this roundup. Whereas the cases from Lian Li and ABS are large and stately, this little case is spunky.

The top of the case features a fan control knob, four USB ports, and audio jacks. Interestingly, this case lacks eSATA, FireWire, and other types of ports.

The side, top, and front fans, at 230mm, 200mm, and 200mm respectively, are the color changers. There is also a 120mm rear exhaust fan. The side fan is on the left and comes out with the door. The vast majority of the case is porous for airflow.

For storage, the case has three exterior 5.25" drive bays, and seven internal 3.5" bays. They're all in front, in a relatively standard configuration.

It was tough to get our big kilowatt power supply into place in this case. It's a tight squeeze at best. The case is shorter than the Panzerbox, but not as fat. It's anything but tool free, but that's not a knock. Building in the Element G was a mostly-ordinary experience, as its interior design is fairly standard.

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