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Sparkle SCC-750AF

Roundup: 12 Gaming Power Supplies Compared
By , Patrick Afschar

The $150 Sparkle SCC-750AF, with its very fine finish and stylish charcoal/violet color combination, would probably be suitable as an accessory in a modern loft. At least, it is almost too nice looking to hide away inside of a computer case.

All cables except for the ATX and CPU cables are modular, with the number of connectors and length of the cables being sufficient. Only the PCIe cables might be considered a bit short, coming in at 45 cm (17.5 inches). The power supply comes with three floppy connectors, which is overkill in modern computers. The 750 W PSU comes with an 80 PLUS Gold certification and four +12 V rails, three of which can handle 16 A, and the fourth 18 A. After shutting the system down, the PSU fan continues to run for around 20 seconds.

Sparkle SCC-750AF
AC Input100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
DC Output+3.3 V+5 V+12 V (#1)+12 V (#2)+12 V (#3)+12 V (#4)-12 V+5 Vsb
24 A30 A16 A16 A16 A18 A0.5 A3.0 A
Individual Output      6 W15 W
Rail UtilizationSysSysCPU & VGA
Combined Output170 W750 W
Total Continuous Output750 W
Peak Outputn/a

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