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be quiet! Straight Power E8: Results

Roundup: 12 Gaming Power Supplies Compared
By , Patrick Afschar

Efficiency meets 80 PLUS specifications:

Efficiency under different load profiles:

When it comes to energy efficiency, the be quiet! PSU performs very well. Although it is 80 PLUS Silver-certified, it reaches values just short of the Gold mark. Besides, the PSU can keep its efficiency really high even during heavy loads over extended periods of time.

The ripple and noise tests confirm the very positive impression of the PSU’s electrical quality, with results far below the limits established by the ATX specification. The be quiet! Straight Power E8 passes all other tests without any major anomalies.

The smallest rise in temperatures in the roundup deserves special mention. As the nominally-weakest PSU, it has a small advantage from the beginning, though.

For anyone looking for a very quiet PSU with high electrical quality, at a reasonable price, the be quiet! Straight Power E8 is a reasonable choice.

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