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Chieftec BPS-750C: Results

Roundup: 12 Gaming Power Supplies Compared
By , Patrick Afschar

Efficiency meets 80 PLUS specifications:

Efficiency under different load profiles:

The Chieftec BPS-750C does reach the values required for its 80 PLUS Bronze certification, though with small margins. The efficiency deteriorates quickly at low loads, even compared to the other 80 PLUS Bronze-certified competition in the roundup.

Since this is a gaming PSU, the higher loads are of bigger interest, of course, and there is nothing wrong there. The same goes for the ripple and noise measurements; all values are well within specifications. Except for having the highest temperature difference between incoming and outgoing air, the Chieftec BPS-750C passes all tests without showing any weaknesses.

This PSU from Chieftec is one of the cheaper products in the roundup. Gamers not specifically looking for the best energy efficiency and uncompromising power output will find the BPS-750C to be a fair compromise due to its price/performance ratio.

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