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Zotac's GeForce GT 240 512MB AMP! Edition

GeForce GT 240: Low Power, High Performance, Sub-$100

We have two retail samples of the new GeForce GT 240: a 512MB and a 1GB card. Both are overclocked a bit, so we need to keep this in mind when looking at the benchmarks. In any case, let's have a look at our first test card, Zotac's GeForce GT 240 AMP! Edition.

Zotac's AMP! Edition cards are always overclocked, so we're not surprised to find that this card's 512MB of GDDR5 RAM runs at 1,000 MHz (4,000 MHz effective). Its GPU is overclocked to 600 MHz and the shaders are overclocked to 1,460 MHz.

The bundle is robust, including a manual, quick install booklet, DVI-to-HDMI adapter, Nvidia 3D glasses (the passive red/blue kind, not the active LCD version included in the GeForce 3D Vision kit), and driver/utility CD in the box.

The card has DVI, HDMI, and VGA outputs. Zotac's AMP! Edition card is a single-slot offering about seven and a half inches long.

The card's unique single-slot cooler is attractive, with a brushed metal look and raised lettering. But what surprised us was how effectively the unit kept the GPU cool, as we'll see in the temperature tests.

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