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Power, Temperature, And Noise Benchmarks

GeForce GT 430: The HTPC Crowd Gets Fermi On A Diet

When it comes to power draw, the GeForce GT 430 fares better than Nvidia's GeForce GT 240 by 25 watts under load. At the same time, it is bested by the GeForce GT 220 by 20 watts.

The Radeons fare a little better than their GeForce counterparts here. The new GeForce GT 430 does boast the lowest idle power usage of the cards tested, but this is hardly significant considering the 9 watt spread between contenders.

When you look at those temps, bear in mind that the Radeon boards employ reference cooling. The Asus GeForce GT 430, Gigabyte GeForce GT 240, and Gigabyte GeForce GT 220 all have custom cooling solutions.

The Asus NGTS430's cooler does a fantastic of keeping the GF108 GPU running tepidly at idle, and it does a fine job under load. We also see that the large Gigabyte cooler completely outclasses the tiny GeForce GT 220 GPU.

We’re used to testing graphics cards with coolers that can reach 60 decibels or more. In comparison, all of these products have a very small noise footprint.

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