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Benchmark Results: Just Cause 2 And 3D Vision

GeForce GT 430: The HTPC Crowd Gets Fermi On A Diet

Just Cause 2 might be an Nvidia TWIMTBP title, but that doesn’t stop the Radeon cards from showing a strong advantage here. The GeForce cards seem strangely performance-capped in this title, and the GeForce GT 240 performs on par with the new GeForce GT 430.

Enabling 3D Vision in this 3D Vision-ready game definitely results in a performance hit. There is a predictable 50% reduction in frame rates with the feature enabled, showing us two things: 3D Vision causes a notable penalty on low-end GeForce cards, and Just Cause 2 is a tough game for sub-$100 graphics hardware to handle.

The GeForce GT 430 might be quite successful at playing low-fidelity titles such as World of Warcraft in 3D, but if graphically-demanding titles are in your sights, you should be looking to GeForce cards above the $100 mark. Remember, rendering in stereo means you're fundamentally doubling the graphics card's workload. We'd suggest a GeForce GTX 460, at the very least, if you're interested in seriously exploring this feature.

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