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Benchmark Results: Aliens Vs. Predator

Nvidia GeForce GT 640 Review: Cramming Kepler Into GK107

Aliens Vs. Predator isn’t cutting-edge any more, but we still like to include it as an example of a GPU-bound game that generally isn’t affected by the rest of the platform.

Charting frame rate over time gets messy as a result of the way AvP’s benchmark captures data. We do see a few events that warrant mention, though. For example, the Radeon cards achieve more consistent performance, while the GeForce-based boards fluctuate a lot more. We also see that the minimum frame rates on the minimum/average chart don’t tell the full story, since most of the graphics cards drop performance for only a short moment at the start of the benchmark.

At any rate, Nvidia’s GeForce GT 640 DDR3 doesn’t perform that well at 1680x1050 and above, dropping below 30 FPS for a significant portion of the test. The Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5 handles this game better, although we think we’d recommend 1280x1024 for smoother performance. At 1920x1080, only the Radeon HD 7750, 6750, and GeForce GTS 450 stay above 30 FPS for the vast majority of the test.

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