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MSI Afterburner

Five Overclocked GeForce GTX 560 Ti Cards, Compared

One of our all-time favorite utilities, MSI Afterburner hasn’t changed at all since our previous graphics card review. That’s probably why the voltage control doesn’t work for this newer card, though eventual updates might fix it.

Frequency controls adjust the GPU from 660 to 1145 MHz and the DRAM data rate from 3150 to 5040 MT/s.

Afterburner’s multistep fan controls are one of the big reasons we use this utility in so many of our articles. That fan map only works when the utility is running, however, which is why MSI gives users the option to start it automatically with Windows and minimize it to the tray at startup.

Two more pages of the advanced menu address hardware monitoring, logging, and OSD options.

Overclock settings can be stored under several profiles and enabled with a key combination or automatically enabled at game launch.

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