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Benchmark Results: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (DX11)

GeForce GTX 580 And GF110: The Way Nvidia Meant It To Be Played

AMD’s Radeon HD 5970 rules another non-TWIMTBP title. Bad Company 2 was marketed as one of the early DX 11 games (even if the degree to which it uses DX11 is minimal), back before Nvidia had a DX11-capable architecture.

Nvidia’GeForce GTX 580 has no trouble securing a second-place finish, in front of the GTX 480 at all three tested resolutions. Perhaps most significantly, the GTX 580 puts a larger lead on the Radeon HD 5870, which nearly catches the GeForce GTX 480 at 2560x1600, and yet costs significantly less money.

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