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Asus GTX 660Ti DirectCU II

Seven GeForce GTX 660 Ti Cards: Exploring Memory Bandwidth

Asus was able to send us a retail GTX 660Ti DirectCU II (GTX660 TI-DC2-2GD5) straight from one of its distributors. Unfortunately, the card had a defect, which caused black screens every once in a while. We sent the board back to its source after it had crashed 10 times. We didn't take it apart in order to avoid invalidating its warranty. As a result, you won't see images of the card's cooler disassembled, as we have for the competing boards. Also, we're not particularly confident in the benchmark results this board spat out.

The Asus GTX 660Ti DirectCU II is the only card in this round-up set to Nvidia's reference clock rates. Where it improves, though, is the same powerful cooler we liked so much in Seven GeForce GTX 670 Cards, Benchmarked And Reviewed.

This card's power connectors face upward, but are turned around 180 degrees so that the fastening latches point toward the underside of the PCB. The back plate that was used for cooling and rigidity on Asus' interpretation of the GeForce GTX 670 is not needed on the GTX 660 Ti variant.

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