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Zotac ZT-60302-10P

Seven GeForce GTX 670 Cards, Benchmarked And Reviewed

This Mack truck of a graphics card occupies three expansion slots, is as heavy as a brick, and proudly displays its heat pipes up top like a rooster's comb, which suggests that you should probably use an extra-wide chassis (8.25" or more). If you have trouble mounting a 165 mm CPU cooler, don't even bother trying to install Zotac's ZT-60302-10P.

There's good news, though. A screaming-fast 1098 MHz based clock and 1176 MHz-rated GPU Boost specification illustrate Zotac's confidence in its design, as does the fact that the company lets you increase this card's TDP to more than 111%. At least on paper, then, we're looking at the fastest card in our round-up.

In light of its beefy specs, we have to wonder why Zotac opted to use the GeForce GTX 680 PCB with two six-pin power connectors, particularly when a couple of other vendors went with one six-pin and one eight-pin plug.

A memory clock of 1652 MHz trumps every other card we're reviewing, and by a large amount. However, we do have some reservations about the mechanical design of this card. The power connectors are stacked, which is admittedly a minor complaint given that the GeForce GTX 680 employs the same orientation. But disconnecting power cables can be difficult. More seriously, there is no back plate or frame to stabilize this heavy card. It should really be supported by an external bracket because it puts a lot of weight on the motherboard.

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