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Results: Metro: Last Light, High Details

SLI Scaling: Can Three GeForce GTX 760s Beat Two 780s?

Scaling was a little weak at Metro's medium-quality settings. However, more demanding detail levels give two GeForce GTX 780s an opportunity to stand out. The third 760 doesn't do much good in this title, though a pair of the GK104-based boards is nearly twice as fast as one.

Unfortunately, even two GeForce GTX 760s can't keep Metro above 20 FPS at 5760x1080 and our high-quality settings. Adding a third card made the frame rates even more inconsistent, so we need to drop the tessellation level to help any combination of 760s pass this test.

The GeForce GTX 780 similarly cannot maintain 20 FPS at these settings, but at two cards appear somewhat playable. If you insist on cranking the details up in Metro and want to play in Surround mode you'll probably want to choose 4800x900. You could also probably dial down SSAA to get back into the realm of playability.

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