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Results: Tomb Raider

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Review: GK110, Fully Unlocked
By , Igor Wallossek

AMD has an inherent advantage in Tomb Raider when we use the Ultimate detail setting with TressFX enabled. However, the GeForce GTX 780 Ti still manages to stave off the R9 290X AMD sent us at all three tested resolutions.

Of course, our numbers for the retail 290X show Nvidia’s 780 Ti 20% faster at 2560x1440. That’s quite a bit more significant.

The dual-GPU boards are still fastest. But you’re looking at spending $800 or more for the problematic Radeon HD 7990 and $1000 for GeForce GTX 690. Although the 690 is a more attractive offering, its 2 GB per GPU is even more of an issue at high resolutions than 780 Ti’s 3 GB.

Frame time variance is really low, except for the GeForce GTX 770 at 3840x2160. This might be related to memory capacity, since 770 is the only 2 GB board in our comparison. GeForce GTX 690 could be subject to the same issue. But because we can't generate FCAT data for both dual-GPU boards at 4K, we’re leaving the space for those bars blank.

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