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Detailed Gaming Efficiency Results

Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti Review: GK110, Fully Unlocked
By , Igor Wallossek

Due to popular demand, we once again use our power consumption results at 1920x1080 for the efficiency computations.

Gaming Loop Performance

First, let’s take a look at the average frame rate and corresponding percentage comparison. As expected, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 780 Ti is the hands-down winner. The GTX 780 WindForce GHz Edition isn’t that far behind, whereas the GeForce GTX Titan is much more limited by its stock fan settings than the 780 Ti. A reference GeForce GTX 780 can’t really keep up.


It’s time to factor power consumption back into the picture. We’re looking at how much power each graphics card needs to generate its frame rate. It quickly becomes apparent that the latest spin of GK110, binned aggressively, does well.

Interestingly, the original GeForce GTX 780 is the winner, since it’s the closest to the processor's sweet spot. The other graphics cards get noticeably less efficient as their core frequencies increase. Gigabyte's GTX 780 WindForce GHz Edition is an interesting case, with an efficiency that’s close to a reference GeForce GTX Titan and a cooling solution that puts it ahead of the Titan.

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