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Results: Far Cry 3

GeForce GTX 780M, 770M, And 765M: Scaling Vs. Radeon HD 8970M

Even with many of the game’s advanced visual features disabled in High Quality mode, the GeForce GTX 765M can't quite exceed the notebook panel’s native 1080p resolution in Far Cry 3. Fortunately for that GK106-based part, our FPS-over-time charts emphasize 1920x1080.

Far Cry 3 looks great at its Ultra Quality mode, but you’ll want something faster than the GeForce GTX 765M to get there. Shoot straight for the GeForce GTX 780M if you want to push past 1920x1080 using an external display (though even then, you're just barely above 20 FPS on average).

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