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Benchmark Results: Stalker: Clear Sky

GeForce GTX 295 Vs. GTX 275 SLI: When Two Are Better Than One

Stalker definitely favors the two GeForce GTX 275s at their default clocks, offering a greater than 10% performance increase at 2560x1600 over the GTX 295. Even between the similarly-clocked 275s/295, there seems to be an advantage to going the SLI route.

The most striking result here is the drop from 1920x1200 to 2560x1600. The same bug seen in Crysis manifests itself here as well. Beyond that, though, the like-clocked 275s/295 turn in similar performance, but are both easily bested by the GeForce GTX 275s as you’d buy them: running 633/1,404/1,134 MHz.

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