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Temperature Measurements

Tom's Graphics Card Guide: 32 Mid-Range Cards Benchmarked

Temperature at Idle and Load

If you put a lot of food into your stomach, you have a lot of food to digest as well. When a graphics card draws a lot of power, it generates more heat. We'll address the noise levels that result from keeping these cards cool on the next page. But when it comes to operating temps, one card left us with an upset tummy: Gigabyte's Windforce GTX 560 Ti heated up to 90°C and then shut itself off. We took the card apart to check whether the cooler or the thermal compound might have suffered during shipping, and we applied new thermal paste using Antec’s Nano. This helped push the temperature down a bit, and it slowed the rate at which the temperature increased. Nevertheless, the system crashed again under full load. This issue prevents us from approving the Windforce card, which up until this point was the most impressive performer in our roundup.

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