Gigabyte Creates a 915P Motherboard With SLI

SLI Setups Suffer From A Lack Of Driver Support

Today there is still a major obstacle to getting SLI setups running: proper driver support. The graphics driver needs to support both SLI mode in general and each specific SLI-capable chipset. Right now, only the NVIDIA Detonator driver version 66.74.1, dated September 29, works for benchmarking; this version does not collect chipset information and this enables SLI to work without complaint.

We have to make clear that this handicap is only a driver issue and is not related to the platform used. Nevertheless, it makes choosing benchmarks to illustrate the advantages of SLI a rather difficult affair. As a result of the inadequate driver support, we could not run 3DMark 2005, Doom 3, nor other Quake-engine-based games such as Wolfenstein. Fortunately, Gigabyte is working closely together with NVIDIA to get an SLI-compatible driver ready for their product launch.

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