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Now That Is A Desktop

One Gigabyte Motherboard, Four Graphics Cards

After enabling all the additional output devices...

... take some time and look at this desktop space!

Ten Display Overkill!

Currently, the maximum number of displays supported is ten. What you have to do is simply plug in five graphics cards: four PCIe and one a PCI model. As this is not quite what you want to deploy in a high-end system - even if you were to use the displays for 2D only - a better solution is to use two 3D1 revision 2.0 cards, as these support up to four displays using the enclosed adapters. Then adding one more graphics card will give you a total of ten displays. Unfortunately, we could not get the system running with more than that. Of course that shouldn't be much of a problem today, as I doubt there will be many people that have an urgent need for even ten displays!

Managing all these displays can get tough.

Drawback: Quad Graphics Take Long To Initialize

It may sound hard to believe, but the system took measurably more time to start up with four graphics cards than it did with only one or two. Even after logging in there is a slight delay that we could eliminate and then reintroduce by removing and then reinserting graphics cards. Obviously, the amazing number of displays takes its toll by having the user wait for initialization.

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