Looks Good for the Money: The Cornerstone p2460 19" Flat Screen CRT Display

The Cornerstone p2460 flat-screen, 19" aperture grille CRT.

The article first appeared in Tom's Hard News email newsletter .

Cornerstone has been operating in the high-end of the display market since the mid 80s. The company doesn't usually get the same press as the big name Japanese vendors, but it has tended to be a niche player, focusing on ergonomics when it wasn't necessarily a fashionable term to use. We take a close look at the latest CRT display from the company, and put it through its paces.


Size CRT (Max. Viewable) 19" (18")
Display Area Factory Preset 13.8" x 10.2"
353 mm x 260mm
Maximum 14.3" x 10.8"
User Adjustable 365 mm x 275mm
Horizontal Scan Frequency Range 30 - 117 kHz
Vertical Scan Frequency Range 50 - 180 Hz
Pixel Clock 203 MHz
Resolution and Preset Refresh/Max (Calculated) Rates 640 x 480
800 x 600
1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200
1920 x 1440
70 Hz / 180 Hz
85 Hz / 180 Hz
85 Hz / 143Hz
85 Hz / 109Hz
85 Hz / 88Hz
75 Hz / 79 Hz
Horizontal Aperture Pitch 0.25 mm
Convergence Center 0.25 mm
Convergence Corners 0.35 mm
Geometric Distortion < 2.5 mm
Brightness factory default
(full white screen)
95 cd/m typical
On-Screen Digital Controls (OSD) Power, Degauss, Brightness, Contrast, Size, Zoom, Recall, Moir Reduction, Centering, Language, Overall Geometry, Color Temperature, Top/Bottom corner distortion, Rotation, H/V linearity, OSD menu, OSD Position
OSD Language Choices English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French
Anti-glare/Reflective/Static Treatment Yes
Physical Attributes Height
Net Weight
17.8" (453.5 mm)
18.3" (465 mm)
18.7" (475 mm)
55 lbs. (25 kg)
63.8 lbs. (29 kg)
Mac Compatible yes
Plug & Play Yes -VESA DDC 1/2B
Input Connector Type 15-pin D-Sub (right-angle cable included)
Warranty Standard 5 Year CPT Warranty (Upgrade Options Available)
CRT Manufacturer Mitsubish Natural Flat
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