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Battery Life And Recharge Time

Samsung ATIV Tab Review: A Tablet To Hold Your Breath For?

Normalized Brightness Benchmarks (Background Info)

Samsung's ATIV Tab finishes in second place in the same Web browsing and MP3 playback test used on the previous page.

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD continues to top our chart, though the difference is a slim 12 minutes. Almost ironically, the Kindle employs an older Texas Instruments OMAP 44xx SoC to achieve its result. Samsung makes its statement with a notably faster APQ8060A.

As predicted, the ATIV Tab shines when it comes to hardware-accelerated video playback. Lasting more than twelve-and-a-half hours, this Windows RT-based tablet can play back more than just a couple of movies on an overseas flight. 

Gaming is more taxing, though the ATIV Tab still leads the field with more than six hours of run time looping Riptide GP's demo mode.


We were frankly expecting the ATIV Tab to recharge quickly, since it shares the ATIV Smart PC 500T's battery pack. It took us by surprise, then, when the Tab went almost five hours before hitting 100% charge. That's as bad as Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, which we complained about a full year ago.

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