Two GTs Great For Gaming

XFX 7800 GT

The XFX7800 GT PCI Express card also follows NVIDIA's reference design, and here too, XFX ramped up the clock speeds. The NVIDIA specification is 400 MHz for the core, while the XFX runs at 450 MHz; standard memory speed is 1 GHz (DDR), but the XFX's 256 MB of GDDR3 RAM runs on a 256-bit memory bus at 1.05 GHz (DDR).

The XFX board also uses standard single slot cooling, and provides an adequate solution for the graphics processor and the memory modules. It is a quiet cooler, but a little noisier than the EVGA variant when operating in 3D mode for an extended period of time under stress. Compared to the ATI double slot coolers this is, however, still a relatively quiet cooling solution. Also, other larger solutions seen on NVIDIA cards make noticeably more noise.

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