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Benchmark Results: F1 2010

GeForce GTX 580M SLI Vs. Radeon HD 6990M CrossFire

F1 2010 goes fairly easy on desktop graphics, but we must keep in mind that the top mobile parts are underclocked versions of upper-mid-range desktop models.

Our lowest settings appear to suffer from system bottlenecks and processing overhead at 1280x720. A higher resolution is needed to determine which combination of graphics cards is better.

While the GeForce GTX 580M SLI configuration leads the Radeon HD 6990M CrossFire at our lower 1680x1050 settings, the HD 6990M CrossFire solution posts far-more-impressive performance when quality is increased.

The HD 6990M CrossFire solution is the definitive leader in F1 2010 mobile gaming quality at this notebook's native resolution.

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