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Test System And Benchmarks

On The Bench: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 470 Super Overclock

We test the Gigabyte GV-N470SO-13I Super Overclock against an MSI GeForce GTX 470, which is based on Nvidia’s reference card. This gives us an ideal GV-N470SO-13I versus reference-model testing scenario.

Graphic Test System
Intel Core i7-920 (Nehalem), 2.67 GHz, QPI-4200, 8 MB L3 Cache, Overclocked to 3.06 GHz @ 153 MHz BCLK
ASRock X58 SuperComputer, Intel X58, BIOS P1.90
Onboard Realtek Gigabit LAN controller
Kingston PC3-10700, 3 x 1024 MB, DDR3-1225, CL 9-9-9-22-1T
Gigabyte GV-N470SO-13I Super Overclock 1280 MB GDDR5
MSI N470GTX 1280 MB GDDR5*
*(representing reference GeForce GTX 470 performance)
Hard Drive
Western Digital Caviar WD50 00AAJS-00YFA,
500 GB, 7200 RPM, 8 MB cache, SATA 3.0Gb/s
Thermaltake Toughpower 1200 W
1200 W, ATX 12 V 2.2, EPS 12 V 2.91
Software and Drivers
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
DirectX versionDirectX 11
Graphics Drivers
Nvidia GeForce Driver 258.96 WHQL
Benchmark Configuration
3D Games
Patch 1.2.1, DirectX 10, 32-bit executable, Benchmark Tool, High Settings, No AA, No AF
Far Cry 2
DirectX 10, in-game benchmark, Ultra-High Settings, 8x AA, No AF
Aliens vs Predator
DirectX 11 Default Benchmark, no AA, No AF
World In Conflict: Soviet AssaultDirectX 10, Timedemo, Very High Details, 4x AA/4x AF
DiRT 2
DirectX 11, Timedemo, Ultra Details, 8x AA/4x AF
3DMark Vantage
Version: 1.01, Total System score
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