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Antec Kühler H₂O 920

Antec Kühler Vs. Corsair Hydro: Sealed Liquid CPU Coolers Compared

With two times the fans and a radiator nearly twice as thick, the Kühler H₂O 920 is designed to be a big step up from its little brother. A push-pull orientation for the fans helps to overcome the reduced air velocity normally caused by a thicker radiator without a noticeable increase in fan speed.

The same CPU mounting hardware is used by both the 920 and 620 versions of Antec’s Kühler H₂O. Extra mounting thickness prevents us from reaching the motherboard’s EPS12V power connector, but we still had more than enough room to reach other motherboard connectors.

While dual fans and extra radiator thickness give the Kühler H₂O 920 its performance edge, the most interesting installation difference is the presence of a USB cable for controlling performance profiles. Users can select a wide range, from near-silence to stellar cooling from the Kühler H₂O 920’s software interface.

Antec Dashboard shows a coolant temperature that’s far below our processor’s internal thermal reading, along with the estimated noise level and speed of its fans and pump.

Graphing shows a brief history of liquid temperature and fan speed.

Default fan controls target a maximum coolant temperature of 50° Celsius. Evaluating the system’s maximum cooling potential requires setting the software's minimum selectable coolant temperatures of 20° to start and 25° max.

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