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Corsair H50 Fan Configurations

Small Water Versus Big Air, Part 3: Cooling Questions Answered

Corsair’s H50 radiator mounts in the traditional exhaust fan location of most cases, yet Corsair insists on configuring it as an intake. Doing so allows the radiator to receive cooler outside air, but subverts the conventional airflow design of traditional ATX cases. Our biggest concern was the effect this might have on case and chipset temperatures, since inverting the fan prevents air from following its traditional front-to-rear path. Today’s test includes readings for both configurations.

Normally located between the power supply and rear fan, the Silverstone KL03’s horizontal brace had to be removed to make room for the tank on top of the H50’s radiator. We closed the system after we took the above photo and hung an air-temperature sensor between the graphics card and RAM.

The H50 was first tested with its original 1,680 RPM fan, then, during a second test, with Rosewill’s more powerful 2,400 RPM fan. The second test equalized noise and airflow when other samples were compared.

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